The Prescribed Burn Alliance of Texas is a coalition of Prescribed Burn Associations across the state.  


PBAT does not accept individual members. 


If you are interested in joining a local PBA, please use our Member Associations listed below to find the nearest PBA contacts in your region.


If you want to organize a PBA in your area, learn more about prescribed burning as a land management practice or need other information, please Contact Us.  

Map of Texas counties represented by PBAT member associations

Coastal Bend


The Coastal Bend Prescribed Burn Association is a non-profit association of Texas Coastal Bend landowners and citizens whose purpose is to promote, train, and assist members and the public in the use of prescribed burning on their properties.  Members participate in the burns of other members and this reciprocation pools labor, making more burns possible, especially for smaller landowners with limited labor resources.


Our goal is to enhance and protect the natural habitat of our 12 member counties to benefit the landowners and citizens of those counties and the State of Texas.

Charles Tatton          ctatton@yahoo.com           361-646-9111

Dr Lynn Drawe         lkdrawe@gmail.com           361-215-0740

Edwards Plateau

Edwards Plateau PBA area map
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Mark Moseley, EPPBA president:  mosemoseley@gmail.com   210-516-5038

EPPBA has more than 200 members who represent over a million acres of rangeland.  Application of prescribed fire on these rangelands improves wildlife habitat, water quality and yield, carrying capacity for domestic livestock and restores their historical diversity and productivity.


With neighbor helping neighbor, we are working together to restore the productivity and ecological stability of Edwards Plateau Rangelands.

Contact EPPBA:

Mark Moseley                    mosemoseley@gmail.com                     210-516-5038

Curry Campbell                 cblc@sonoratx.net                                  325-387-3174

Heath Starns                     heathdstarns@gmail.com                       979-229-3786



Burnet – Lampasas Chapter

Serving Burnet and Lampasas counties.

Chapter email address:  eppbaburnlamp@gmail.com


Dan Brady                             danbrady75@gmail.com                512-755-4660

Chuck Orr                              cworrtx@gmail.com                       512-924-3078

Mike Watson                         tmwatson@ptd.net                         512-786-9194

Cinco Chapter

Cinco Chapter of EPPBA includes Crockett, Edwards, Sutton, Schleicher and Val Verde counties.

Marcy Epperson                     epperson@me.com                    830-683-7198

Rick Powers                            rickmpowers@att.net                 

Bonnie Lou Campbell            cblc@sonoratx.net                      

Cross Timbers Chapter

Cross Timbers Chapter of EPPBA was established in 2007. Cross Timbers proudly serves Hamilton, Coryell and to a lesser extent, surrounding counties. We are neighbors helping neighbors. We are dedicated to responsibly and safely restoring our endangered native grasslands for the benefit of diverse wildlife and livestock and to reduce wildfire risk.

Bill Brooke                             wfbrooke@gmail.com                    512-917-3417

Chase Brooke                       chase.brooke@ag.tamu.edu                                    

Gillespie Chapter

Gillespie Prescribed Burn Association is a chapter of EPPBA.  GPBA focuses on training its members and the community of Gillespie and surrounding counties on burn safety and training for executing prescribed fire.


With neighbor helping neighbor, members work together to help our members to execute prescribed fire safely to meet the objectives of brush management, restore productivity and ecological stability. 


We disseminate information to members on workshops, burns, etc. as deemed appropriate.

Allen Ersch                        agritech@ctesc.net                  830-889-2471

James Eberle                                                                      830-456-7421                                    

Heart of Texas Chapter

The HOT Chapter of EPPBA serves mainly McCulloch county in prescribed burning.  However, we accept membership from those with no active PBA in their county of residence, just to be able to share events and information. 

Mark Moseley                        mosemoseley@gmail.com                  210-516-5038

Jeff Kaspar                             jeffkaspar@centex.net                         713-502-8410

Bob Davidson                        bdavidson@centex.net                        281-703-7676                        

Menard County Chapter

Jamie Jacoby                        Jamiejacoby1@gmail.com                    325-939-0663

​Lisa Brown                             Lbrown@ag.tamu.edu                     

Mills County Chapter

Mills County Chapter email address:  millscountypba@gmail.com                         

Concho Valley Chapter

Central Basin Chapter

Central Basin PBA

PO Box 1120

Mason, TX 76856

Brian Wright                           PrescribeBurnCentralBasin@gmail.com      210-414-3044 cell

Frank Brown                           frankbrown@me.com                                    907-223-1616 cell

Elizabeth Knostman               knostman.elizabeth@gmail.com

South Texas


Susan Kibbe            susan@stpra.org                                        361-348-3020

David Kelly              David.Kelly@laborcitascreek.com            364-474-0075

South Central Texas


The purpose of the South Central Texas Prescribed Burn Association (SCTPBA) is to promote the common good and general welfare of the people in South Central Texas through education, training, and practice of safe prescribed burn techniques. The application of prescribed fire reduces or eliminates fuel load build-up in open spaces, reducing fire intensity and/or preventing wild or unexpected fires in and near these burned open spaces. Prescribed burning is a useful tool for reducing hazardous fuel loads, improving wildlife and livestock habitat and improving vegetation quality.

Mark Brown                                     Mark@superiorbuildings.com                 281-250-1036

Tom Grahmann                               twgrahmann@gmail.com                        281-389-0488

Roxanne Hernandez                       Roxanne.m.hernandez@gmail.com       512-718-2286

Rory Johnston                                 rory@roryjohnston.org                            713-232-0621


Website:       sctpba.org

Southern Rolling Plains


Our mission is to promote the art and science of prescribed burning and to restore the fire culture on the landscape of the Southern Rolling Plains of Texas by providing educational and equipment resources to members. 

Southwest Texas


The Southwest Texas Prescribed Burn Association was formed in 2018 to foster cooperation amongst landowners on the safe and effective implementation of prescribed burns for the purpose of land management on private land in Kinney, Medina, Uvalde, and Zavala Counties. Southwest Texas PBA provides education, support, technical expertise, leadership, and guidelines for the safe application of prescribed fire to its members. The PBA also promotes the use of prescribed fire to the general public and government agencies.

John Sewell            tcoa@me.com                              830-486-6344

Janet Zerr               janet.zerr@tx.nacdnet.net           830-426-2521

Texas Panhandle


The mission of the Texas Panhandle Prescribed Burn Association is to provide the tools, training, education, and resources to its members to conduct prescribed burns in a safe and effective manner.  This will enable the members to better manage their rangeland for the betterment of their wildlife habitat and rangeland through the use of prescribed fire.

Andrew Bivins              andrew@bivins.org                       806-376-4147  x206

Dale Smith                   dale@ranches.org                         806-376-4147  x204

Website:    www.ranches.org/tppba.htm

Upper Llanos


The Upper Llanos Prescribed Burn Association (ULPBA) is a proactive conservation organization based in Kimble County, Texas whose goal is to enhance the productivity of the land and provide more water to the aquifer by reducing runoff, erosion and competition from ashe juniper while simultaneously reducing wildfire fuels.  We believe that prescribed range burning has historically proven to be the best and most cost-effective practice to promote this goal on a scale large enough to have a perceptible impact.  ULPBA members realize that fire is both a productive and potentially dangerous tool and have agreed to seek training and guidance to make their participation in this practice safe and effective.  ULPBA exists to promote and assist its membership but does not have the authority to sanction nor conduct a prescribed burn.  Even though the Association has no regulatory authority, the members have agreed to adhere to established guidelines in order to demonstrate due diligence.

Lewis Allen                              lewisallen1954@gmail.com               325-206-2915

Sam Jetton                              samjetton@yahoo.com                      325-446-2440

Website:     www.ulpba.org